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  • How do you get the best valuation for my Motorhome/Camper/Caravan?

    By having a large number of verified and trusted dealers/buyers registered we can be sure to find the best buyer for what Motorhome/Camper/Caravan you have regardless of manufacturer, age, mileage, size and layout etc. The dealers bid and the highest bid is then presented to you.

  • Why do I not get an instant valuation?

    On reviewing the details uploaded of your Motorhome/Camper/Caravan we will be able to give a guide valuation of what we think it may achieve amongst our buyers. However, we aren’t a valuation service and are instead focussed on gaining you the best price we can from the best trade professionals in the country for the hassle free sale of your Motorhome, Camper or Caravan.

  • Why do we ask for more information than others?

    We want to ensure we obtain the best price possible for your Motorhome/Camper/Caravan and to present it to our dealers in the best light possible to get you that best price.

  • Will your dealers buy van conversions?

    Yes as long as they have been converted by a professional and known company. As you can appreciate there are a lot of ‘DIY conversions’ and these are not what our dealers will buy.

  • How do I get paid?

    Our verified network of dealers are buying Motorhomes/Campers/Caravans daily so are well equipped to pay you directly by bank transfer.

  • Do I need to disclose any problems?

    Absolutely yes. We pride ourselves on working with the best trade professionals who will treat you with honesty and integrity and you should afford them the same courtesy. If there are any problems with your Motorhome/Camper/Caravan, tell us when you submit the details and dealers can make their best offer accordingly.

  • Do you publicise my location?

    No, we provide our dealers with an indication to the area you are located but your address and contact details are only disclosed once you have accepted the offer made.

  • Is there a reserve price set for my Motorhome/Camper/Caravan?

    We will work with you to advise you of an indication of the offer you may receive. The offers made by dealers can often exceed this figure which hopefully you find agreeable and the sale can proceed. Either way, it is your decision as to whether you accept the highest offer made and we will not put you in touch with the buyer until we have your agreement to do so.

  • Will you help to ensure the sale goes smoothly once an offer has been accepted?

    We take great pride in ensuring this. It’s a big and sometimes emotional decision to sell your Motorhome/Camper/Caravan (we know as we have sold our own) so we are available from start to finish.

  • Can I sell my Motorhome/Camper/Caravan if it has outstanding finance on it?

    Yes you can but it needs to be disclosed to the buying dealer as they will assist you in clearing the outstanding finance agreement. This is again something dealers are used to dealing with so no problems, but it must be disclosed.

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